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Articles & News By Leslie Taylor

The Current Status of Raintree Nutrition, Inc.
By Leslie Taylor, 12/31/2012

Herbal Medicine Versus The FDA
By Leslie Taylor, 2013

Plant Based Drugs and Medicines
By Leslie Taylor, October, 2000

Saving the Rainforest - A Complex Problem
Chapter One of The Healing Power of Rainforest Plants, By Leslie Taylor, ND. 2005

Differences and Similarities of Drugs and Medicinal Plants
Chapter Two of The Healing Power of Rainforest Plants, By Leslie Taylor, ND. 2005

Personal Infomation about Leslie Taylor
Introduction to The Healing Power of Rainforest Plants, By Leslie Taylor, ND. 2005

Mycoplasmas - Stealth Pathogens
Learn more about the root cause of most autoimmune disorders

Fibromyalgia - Hypothesis: Fibromyalgia is caused by a mycoplasmal infection in the neuroendocrine system
By Leslie Taylor

A Technical Article for Practitioners By Leslie Taylor, 2001

Articles by The Health Sciences Institute

Health Sciences Institute, May 2013
Pages 1-7 Simarouba (in the Tropical Plant Database) and brain tumors

Health Sciences Institute, September 2008
At Last! A life changing solution for an "incurable" disease that attacks your entire body
Pages 4-6 Lyme's Disease and Raintree's SPIRO formula

Health Sciences Institute, February 2005
Secrets of survival and disease prevention from 8 jungle plants - in a single capsule
Pages 1-4 Raintree's Amazon Vitality formula

Health Sciences Institute, September 2005
Groundbreaking plant from the Amazon takes on cancer, skeptics, and controversy
Pages 3-5 Graviola and Raintree's N-Tense formula

Health Sciences Institute, February 2002
HSI members battle prostate cancer with herbal complex from the Amazon
Pages 6-7 Raintree's N-TENSE and NTENSE-2 formulas

Health Sciences Institute, January 2001
Billion-dollar drug company nearly squashes astounding research on natural cancer killer
Pages 1-6 Raintree's Graviola and N-TENSE

Health Sciences Institute, July 2001
Chameleon-like microbes may be causing your chronic or autoimmune disorder
Pages 1-4 Mycoplasmas and Raintree's Myco formula

Health Sciences Institute, September 2000
Amazon "stone breaker" stops kidney stones--for good
Pages 1-3 About Raintree's Chanca Piedra

Links to Other News and Articles

Rainforest News
The latest news stories concerning the world's rainforests from MongaBay.com

Herbal Adaptogens - Fitting into the Modern Age
By Christopher Hobbs HealthWorld Magazine

Tubers from the Andes: Extinction or Propagation
By Steven R. King, Ph.D. covers the Maca plant

Ethnobotany in the Forests of Belize.
By Balick, Michael J.