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Help with Rainforest School Reports

My, my my... there ARE a lot of you out there writing reports on the rainforest!! We know because we get so many emails from students looking for help, asking questions or just saying thanks for all the information on our website. We think this is absolutely wonderful! Our young people today are our future for tomorrow and you CAN play a vital role in saving our rainforests now and as our future leaders!

So get with it! Knowledge IS Power. Study hard and learn a lot!

We've organized this link page for you to find information on the Raintree website as well as other websites on specific subjects about the rainforest that are commonly written about. If you want to use any of Raintree's images or graphics to jazz up your report, please follow the instructions located here. Thanks for being a part of the solution and good luck on a great grade!

What are rainforests and why are they important

Raintree's Rainforest Facts

Plant Based Drugs and Medicines

Tons of information about rainforests from MongaBay

Rainforest Facts

Rainforests of the World

Live from the Rainforest

A Student Guide To Tropical Forest Conservation

How Rainforests Work

Rainforest Games and Activities

Last frontier forests: Ecosystems and economies on the edge (high school level)

Current Events - What's Happening Now

News articles from Mongo Bay

Eco-News Index

Current Events and news articles

Maps of the Rainforest

Rainforests in the World 1   Rainforests in the World 2

Amazon Map

Detailed Amazon rainforest destruction maps and information

South American Rainforest Map

Brazilian Amazon Map

Interactive map of South America

Rainforests in: Brazil    Central America    Africa   Australia   SE Asia

Images and Pictures of the Rainforest:

Raintree's Photo Gallery


Deep Green Photography Website from photographer Greg Basco

Free stock photos of the rainforest

More free stock photos of the rainforest from Pixabay

Statistics and facts on destruction rates:

Great synopsis

The last frontiers of wilderness: Tracking loss of intact forest landscapes from 2000 to 2013

Deforestation figures and charts from 2005 to 2014

Statistics in the Brazilian amazon

Destruction of the Amazon with updated statistics and causes

Causes of rainforest destruction:

Causes of rainforest destruction

Deforestation in the Amazon 2017

Overall Causes of deforestation


Squatters and Settlers

Summary of causes by Raintree

Results of Rainforest Destruction - Why it's bad

Deforestation: Facts. Causes and Effects

Impacts of Deforestation from NASA/Earth Observatory

Consequences of Deforestation

Endangered Animal Species (Look up by country)

International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species

Solutions to rainforest destruction:

Solutions to Deforestation

Sustainable harvesting of medicinal plants and other rainforest resources

Sustainable Agriculture

Article: Solutions to the Problem of Rainforest Destruction

Sustainable Rainforest Products

Addressing the Issues of Destruction - How to Save the Amazon

Animals in the rainforest:

Rainforest Animals

Rainforest Animals from Zoom

Rainforest Animals List

Fact Sheet – Rainforest Animals

30 Kinds of Tropical Rainforest Animals (With Pictures)

Animal Facts Encyclopedia: Rainforest Animals

Plants of the rainforest:

Raintree's Rainforest Plant Database

Plants of the Rainforest from CalTech

Plants in the Tropical Rainforest

Indigenous People and Indian Tribes of the Rainforest:

Best Site with detailed information on Indian Tribes in the Brazilian Amazon

Amazon-Indians.org has photos and videos of indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

All About the Matese Tribe and how they live

Indigenous People of the Rainforest Worldwide