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Ethnobotanical uses

Schinus antarthriticus (ANACARDIACEAE)

Tumor(Feet) Hartwell

Schinus dependens (ANACARDIACEAE)

Rheumatism Uphof

Schinus latifolius (ANACARDIACEAE)

Intoxicant Uphof

Schinus molle (ANACARDIACEAE)

Amenorrhea Woi.Syria; Aposteme Martinez; Astringent Standley; Balsamic Standley; Blennorrhagia Martinez; Bronchitis Standley, Woi.Syria; Cataract Standley; Collyrium Standley; Diuretic Martinez, Steinmetz, Woi.Syria; Dysmenorrhea Woi.Syria; Emmenagogue* Woi.Syria; Expectorant Steinmetz, Woi.Syria; Eye Woi.Syria; Foot Standley; Gingivitis Woi.Syria; Gonorrhea Al-Rawi, Martinez, Standley; Gout Woi.Syria; Gum Standley; Liqueur Standley; Masticatory Standley, Steinmetz, Uphof; Mouth Standley; Ophthalmia Martinez; Piscicide* Woi.Syria; Poison Woi.Syria; Preventitive Martinez; Purgative Martinez, Standley, Steinmetz, Uphof, Woi.Syria; Rheumatism Altschul, Woi.Syria; Sore Martinez, Woi.Syria; Spice Uphof; Stomachic Steinmetz, Woi.Syria; Swelling Woi.Syria; Tea Uphof; Tonic Steinmetz; Tuberculosis Martinez; Tumor Hartwell; Ulcer Standley; Urethritis Martinez; Urogenital Martinez, Standley, Woi.Syria; Venereal Standley, Woi.Syria; Viricide Woi.Syria; Vulnerary Standley; Wart Hartwell; Wound Martinez

Schinus molleoides (ANACARDIACEAE)

Tumor Hartwell

Schinus terebenthifolius (ANACARDIACEAE)

Astringent Woi.Syria; Bactericide Woi.Syria; Gout Woi.Syria; Rheumatism Woi.Syria; Sore Woi.Syria; Stimulant Woi.Syria; Syphilis Woi.Syria; Tonic Woi.Syria; Viricide Woi.Syria; Wound Woi.Syria

Schinus terebinthifolius (ANACARDIACEAE)

Antiseptic Eb32: 355; Aphrodisiac Eb32: 355; Astringent Uphof; Atony Eb32: 355; Bronchitis Eb32: 355; Bruise Eb32: 355; Chill Eb32: 355; Dentifrice Eb32: 355; Diarrhea Eb32: 355; Gout Eb32: 355; Hemoptysis Eb32: 355; Homeopathy Eb32: 355; Lung Eb32: 355; Poison Eb32: 355; Rheumatism Eb32: 355; Sciatica Eb32: 355; Skin Eb32: 355; Sore Eb32: Els; Swelling Eb32: 355; Tendonitis Eb32: 355; Tonic Uphof; Tumor Eb32: 355, Hartwell; Tumor(Feet) Hartwell; Wound Eb32: 355

Schinus weinmanniaefolius (ANACARDIACEAE)

Antifertility Eb31: 299

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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