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Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Paullinia cupana KUNTH ex H.B.K. (Sapindaceae) -- Guarana


Antianemic 1.5 g/day MAR ; Antigranulocytopenic DUKE1992B ; Antiviral JE26:73 ; CNS-Stimulant DUKE1992B ; Diuretic DUKE1992B ; Hyperuricemic MAR ; Insectifuge EB48:111 ; Lithogenic ABC50:1317.1986 ; Myocardiotonic DUKE1992B ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Vasodilator DUKE1992B

ASH Seed 14,200 ppm; DUKE1992A
No activity reported.

CAFFEINE Seed 25,000 - 76,000 ppm DUKE1992A
Adenosine-Antagonist TEA ; Analeptic 200 scu mus BBE ; Analgesic-Synergist PJB1(2):263 ; Antiapneic M29 ; Antiapoptotic BOI ; Antiasthmatic 5-10 mg/kg orl/man M29 ; Anticarcinogenic PCF:305 ; Anticariogenic JD23:101 ; Antidermatitic M29 ; Antiemetic 411 ; Antifeedant 382 ; Antiflu EMP5:198 ; Antiherpetic EMP5:201 ; Antihypotensive 250 mg/day/orl/man M29 ; Antinarcotic 411 ; Antiobesity PCF:305 ; Antioxidant PC27:974 ; Antirhinitic 140 mg/day/orl/man M29 ; Antiserotonergic 40 ipr rat BBE 40 scu rat BBE ; Antitumor PCF:305 ; Antitumor (Lung) NR54:S71 ; Antivaccinia EMP5:201 ; Antiviral V&D ; Apoptotic BOI ; cAMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardiotonic 10-25 orl dog BBE 65-500 orl cat BBE ; Catabolic ABS ; cGMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Choleretic DUKE1992B ; CNS-Stimulant 100 orl mus 30 orl rat; Coronary-Dilator TEA ; Diuretic; Energizer 20-200 mg/man JAM272:1043 ; Ergotamine-Enhancer M29 ; FLavor FEMA 125 ARC ; Herbicide 500 ; Hypertensive; Hypoglycemic EMP6:168 ; Insecticide 382 ; Myorelaxant TEA ; Neurotoxic RJH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PJB1(2):263 ; Pyrogenic 13.3 mg/kg ipr rbt EJP45:389 15 mg/kg ipr cat EJP45:389 60 mg/day oral hmn ALG51:189 ; Respirastimulant; Stimulant RJH ; Teratogenic 14 orl rat BBE ; Topoisomerase-I-Inhibitor 0.1 nM JEM168:129 75 uM TCM10:41 ; Topoisomerase-II-Inhibitor 99 mM TCM10:41 ; Vasodilator DUKE1992B

No activity reported.

Antialzheimeran 5-16 g/man/day; Antichoreic DAS ; Anticirrhotic 6,000 mg/man/day DUKE1992B ; Anticystinuric DUKE1992B ; Antidementia PJB1(1):171 ; Antidiabetic DUKE1992B ; Antidyskinetic 150-200 mg/kg/man/day MAR ; Antimanic 15-30 g/man/day/orl PAM ; Cholinergic CAN ; Hepatoprotective JN127:893S ; Hypotensive DUKE1992B ; Ileorelaxant FT1990:509 ; Lipotropic JE26:86 ; Parasympathomimetic (1/1,000th acetylcholine) HDN

Anticoagulant DUKE1992B ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardiotonic DUKE1992B ; Vasoconstrictor AYL

FAT Seed 30,000 ppm; DUKE1992A
No activity reported.

Essential JBH

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Demulcent PJB1(2):279

PROTEIN Seed 98,600 ppm; DUKE1992A
No activity reported.

RESIN Seed 70,000 ppm; DUKE1992A
No activity reported.

No activity reported.

STARCH Seed 50,000 - 60,000 ppm DUKE1992A
Absorbent M29 ; Antidote (Iodine) JBH ; Antinesidioblastosic M29 ; Emollient M29 ; Poultice M29

TANNIN Seed 85,000 - 120,000 ppm DUKE1992A
Anthelminthic JNP59:205 ; Antibacterial JE26:74 ; Anticancer JAF47:397 ; Anticariogenic JNP59:205 ; Antidiarrheic DUKE1992B ; Antidysenteric DUKE1992B ; Antihepatotoxic JNP59:205 ; AntiHIV JNP59:205 ; Antihypertensive JNP59:205 ; Antilipolytic JNP59:205 ; Antimutagenic DUKE1992B ; Antinephritic CPB38:1049 ; Antiophidic EMP5:363 ; Antioxidant 1/3 quercetin JAF47:397 IC50=1.44 ug/ml CPB38:1051 ; Antiradicular 1/3 quercetin JAF47:397 500 mg/kg/day orl mus CPB38:1049 ; Antirenitic CPB38:1049 ; Antitumor; Antitumor-Promoter JAF47:397 ; Antiulcer JNP59:205 ; Antiviral; Cancer-Preventive HG22:14 ; Carcinogenic AHP156 ; Chelator JNP59:205 ; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; Glucosyl-Transferase-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; Hepatoprotective DUKE1992B ; Immunosuppressant RWG29 ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; MAO-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Psychotropic CPB38:1049 ; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor JNP59:205

THEOBROMINE Seed 330 ppm; DUKE1992A
Anorexic MAR ; Antiasthmatic 10 mg/kg/orl/man M29 ; Arteriodilator DUKE1992B ; Bronchodilator M11 ; cAMP-Inhibitor IC50=0.06 mg/ml PM57:A133 ; cAMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Cardiotonic M11 ; cGMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; CNS-Stimulant DUKE1992B ; Diuretic 300-600 mg/man/day MAR ; Emetic MAR ; Fetotoxic 100 mg/kg 500 ; Herbicide IC41=100 ppm 438 ; Myocardiotonic DUKE1992B ; Myorelaxant JBH ; Myostimulant M29 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Stimulant DUKE1992B ; Teratogenic 100 mg/kg 500 ; Vasodilator M11

THEOPHYLLINE Seed 570 ppm; DUKE1992A
Allergenic M29 ; Antiapneic M29 ; Antiasthmatic 5 mg/kg/orl/man M29 ; Antibradyarrhythmic M29 ; Antibronchitic M29 ; Anticellulitic AIL ; Antidote Charcoal & Propanolol M29 ; Antiemphysemic M29 ; Antineuralgic M29 ; Antirhinitic M29 ; Antispasmodic 100 uM JPP42:102 ; Antiviral EMP5:201 ; Arteriodilator DUKE1992B ; Bronchodilator; cAMP-Inhibitor IC50=0.06 mg/ml PM57:A133 ; cAMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Cardiovascular 30 mg/kg orl rat BBE ; cGMP-Inhibitor PAM ; cGMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Choleretic DUKE1992B ; CNS-Stimulant JBH ; Diuretic 15 mg/kg ivn rbt BBE ; Fetotoxic 100 mg/kg 500 ; Herbicide IC58=100 ppm 438 ; Hypertensive LAW ; Hyperuricemic M29 ; Hypoglycemic EMP6:168 ; Myocardiotonic M29 ; Myorelaxant 100 uM JPP42:102 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Prostaglandin-Secretor 10 mg/kg orl rat BBE ; Stimulant DUKE1992B ; Tachycardic M29 ; Teratogenic CRC ; Vasodilator DUKE1992B

No activity reported.

Carcinogenic DUKE1992B


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ppm = parts per million
tr = trace

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