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Ethnobotanical uses

Dracontium asperum (ARACEAE)

Amenorrhea Eb23: 107; Antidote(Arrow poison) Eb23: 107; Antidote(Snake) Eb23: 107; Antidote(Spider) Eb23: 107; Antidote(Stingray) Eb23: 107; Asthma Eb23: 107, Uphof; Bath Eb23: 107; Bite(Snake) Eb23: 107, Uphof; Chlorosis Eb23: 107; Larvicide Eb23: 107; Pertussis Eb23: 107

Dracontium longipes (ARACEAE)

Bite(Snake) Eb23: 108

Dracontium pittieri (ARACEAE)

Bite(Snake) Eb23: 108; Larvicide Eb23: 108

Dracontium polyphyllum (ARACEAE)

Asthma Eb23: 108, Woi.3; Bite(Snake) Eb23: 108; Emmenagogue Woi.3; Piles Eb23: 108, Woi.3; Spasm Eb23: 108; Stimulant Eb23: 108

Dracontium sp (ARACEAE)

Bite(Snake) Duke,1972, Eb24: 358; Diuretic Eb23: 108

Dracontium vulgaris (ARACEAE)

Cacoethes Hartwell

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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