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Cassia occidentalis L. (FABACEAE)

Ache(Head) Burkill,1966; Ache(Tooth) Burkill,1966; Insecticide Burkill,1966

Cassia occidentalis (FABACEAE)

Abortifacient Eb30: 123, Wong; Abscess Ayensu; Ache(Ear) Martinez, Standley; Ache(Head) Altschul, Ayensu, Martinez; Ache(Stomach) Altschul, Ayensu; Acne Liogier; Anodyne Standley; Antifertility Eb31: 299; Antiseptic Gupta; Asthma Eb28: 17, Pittier; Bilious Broun; Bronchitis Ayensu; Burn Liogier; Carminative Pittier; Cataract Ayensu, Duke,1972; Chancre Ayensu; Chill Martinez, Standley; Coffee Duke,1972, Standley, Standley,1931, Standley,Steyermark; Cold Eb30: 123, Pittier, Wong; Colic Gupta, Liogier; Collyrium Ayensu; Dermatosis Eb33: 188, Singh; Diaphoretic Liogier; Diarrhea Ayensu; Diuretic Al-Rawi, Broun, Martinez, Pittier, Standley, Uphof; Dropsy Ayensu, Liogier, Martinez, Standley, Uphof; Dysentery Ayensu; Dyspepsia Martinez, Standley; Eczema Martinez, Standley, Uphof; Emmenagogue Pittier; Erysipelas Ayensu, Brutus; Eye Bliss, Liogier; Febrifuge Uphof; Fever Al-Rawi, Ayensu, Duke,1972, Martinez, Pittier, Standley, Uphof; Furuncle Bliss; Gonorrhea Ayensu, Duke,1972, Liogier; Guineaworms Ayensu; Heart Eb30: 123, Wong; Heart attack Eb30: 123, Wong; Hematuria Ayensu; Herpes Bliss; Inflammation Ayensu, Eb30: 123, Gupta, Wong; Jaundice Ayensu; Kidney Ayensu; Leprosy Ayensu, Martinez, Standley; Liver Altschul; Malaria Al-Rawi, Duke,1972, Liogier, Pittier, Woi.Syria; Medicine Standley,1931; Nausea Standley; Ophthalmia Ayensu; Palpitation Eb30: 123, Wong; Parasiticide Uphof; Poultice Eb33: 41; Puerperium Eb30: 123, Wong; Purgative Al-Rawi, Altschul, Duke,1972, Eb30: 123, Eb33: 188, Eb33: 41, Liogier, Singh, Woi.Syria, Wong; Rheumatism Ayensu, Liogier, Martinez, Standley, Uphof; Ringworm Ayensu, Broun, Duke,1972, Standley, Standley,Steyermark; Scabies Eb32: 281; Skin Al-Rawi, Altschul, Eb32: 281, Liogier, Pittier, Standley, Woi.Syria; Sore Bliss, Martinez; Sore(Throat) Ayensu; Spasm Gupta; Stomach Ayensu, Eb28: 17, Gupta; Stomachic Martinez, Standley, Uphof; Sudorific Ayensu; Swelling Ayensu, Martinez; Syncope Ayensu; Tetanus Ayensu; Tonic Al-Rawi, Martinez, Standley, Uphof; Tumor Hartwell, Standley; Typhoid Eb28: 17; Ulcer Standley; Venereal Ayensu, Martinez, Standley; Vermifuge Ayensu, Eb24: 356, Gupta; Womb Eb30: 123, Wong; Wound Broun; Yellow Fever Martinez, Standley

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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